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The Famous Forty Canon


The Land of Oz

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The Famous Forty Canon consists of the forty original Oz books published by the Reilly & Lee company of Chicago (the first book was originally published by George M. Hill, and Reilly & Britton was the company's name through 1919).

These original forty titles span the years 1900 through 1963 and five writers - the most prolific ones being Lyman Frank Baum (of course), the discoverer and then "Royal Historian" of Oz; and his immediate successor, Ruth Plumly Thompson. Between them, they related 33 tales from Oz (14 by LFB and 19 by RPT). Also, with the exceptions of the very first Oz tale [The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900)] and the final four, the other 35 Oz tales were all illustrated to perfection by John R. Neill.

Browse the books below... see the cover, glance the synopses, read the English online texts (where available) or even the Japanese or Esperanto text (which actually includes John R. Neill's illustrations!) [want to know more about Esperanto?]. I have listed all where available (if you know of others, please e-mail me!).

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And... when you're done here, surf on over to "Extracurricular Literary Oz" and find out some of the things our Royal Historians where writing when they weren't writing Oz!

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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

The Marvelous Land of Oz

Ozma of Oz

Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz

The Road to Oz

The Emerald City of Oz

The Patchwork Girl of Oz

Tik-Tok of Oz

The Scarecrow of Oz

Rinkitink in Oz

The Lost Princess of Oz

The Tin Woodman of Oz

The Magic of Oz

Glinda of Oz

The Royal Book of Oz

Kabumpo in Oz

The Cowardly Lion of Oz

Grampa in Oz

The Lost King of Oz

The Hungry Tiger of Oz

The Gnome King of Oz

The Giant Horse of Oz

Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz

The Yellow Knight of Oz

Pirates in Oz

The Purple Prince of Oz

Ojo in Oz

Speedy in Oz

The Wishing Horse of Oz

Captain Salt in Oz

Handy Mandy in Oz

The Silver Princess in Oz

Ozoplaning with the Wizard of Oz

The Wonder City of Oz

The Scalawagons of Oz

Lucky Bucky in Oz

The Magical Mimics of Oz

The Shaggy Man of Oz

The Hidden Valley of Oz

Merry Go Round in Oz

The Famous Forty Addendum
(later Oz titles by the Royal Historians)

The Runaway in Oz

Yankee in Oz

The Enchanted Island of Oz

The Forbidden Fountain of Oz

The Wicked Witch of Oz

The Rundelstone of Oz

[any missing Synopses will be online Winter 2001/02]

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Cinemood, a wireless and portable projector for your children


If your childhood was developed in the 70s or 80s, you surely have spent great evenings thanks to Cinexin , the projector for children that allowed watch movies on the wall.

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10 Relevant Books About Fitness – Read And Do!

Fifteen or twenty years ago, I had enough “sweat” in order to get a valuable copy of the quality of the book on the “construction” of the body. But some rare options and everything you can find only in the libraries and reading under the Attentive look of their employees. Today, this type of literature can be seen at every step. However, the remains found in the book “the most” – is a real problem.

No need to search! Your attention – the best books on fitness for the right workout! Fitness and Strength Training

Anatomy for women

11Author – Marcos Vella

According to recent studies, the woman’s body requires special training programs, taking into account not only gender and age, but the specific characteristics of body and body as a whole.

This book is both a visual aid and the guide has everything you need to know about a woman while training your muscles and creating your program.

Individual training ama.Here you will find for yourself the special tests (to determine the level of preparation), the more detailed pictures of the exercises, as well as more than 90 exercises for all the muscles of the body.

Model easily and at home!

Anatomy exercises

11Author – Frederick Delave

This manual is a detailed guide with illustrations for any technical exercises – for both men and for the most fair sex, beginners and professionals.Bestseller of the French sports doctor, translated into 30 languages and is the most popular book in the world for the elaboration Of their training program.

Delave According to the book, a very serious athlete and weightlifting medalist, to become a true artist of her body, in the first place, should be more plunge into her anatomy.

Look in the book of the most effective methods to solve athletic problems careful analysis of each exercise caution, illustrations with explanations, anatomy and so on.

Delave help to avoid the most common mistakes and injuries as well as to increase the effectiveness of your workouts.

Fitness.Men’s and women’s look

11Authors: V. and I Turchinsky

One of the advantages of the book – its universality. The question of physical condition is seen here with both male and female sides.

In addition, the book – a manual for proper nutritional guidance of fitness in training and even recommendations for relaxation.

Essence of the book – to understand and accept not only as a complex fitness fitshoppro review exercise for the muscles, but the culture of your life, including diet, exercise and recovery.

Tuning Athletic. A new look at the culture of physical perfection

11Author – name of Soslan Varziev

Of the author for a long time passed, “word of mouth” through “word of mouth.” Authorized experts in the personal training camp is not “light” in public, which did not prevent in contact with him for help In this type of famous personages like Rupert Everett and Yarmolnik Valley, and so on.

The book describes the unique technique Varzieva presents as a tour in the world of physical culture with lyrical digressions and a good sense of humor.

Fitness.Guide to life

Fitness. Author – Dennis Semenihin

Everything you wanted to know about fitness – in a book!

Your attention – a set of basic rules for building figure, exercise, nutrition, the right ideal motivation and, of course, change your habits.

This book is aimed at readers of all levels – a clear and distinct, with simple guidance, exercise equipment, photographs, power algorithm, and nothing else! Pour the author’s valuable experience, buy the right habits, motivate yourself and Others for a long and, most important, happy life.

Learn … Oops! Shape Beach in a two-three

Learn ... Oops! Author – main idea Elena Miro

Of the book – it’s time to deal with laziness.Therapy book useful to throw yourself by the ears of the couch and get the beauty of the body.

Orientation Written clear and simple terms (with a share of pathos and humor) without any restriction expressions.Here, there are useful recommendations, even for those who are quite far from fitness, but dreaming of elastic back “Learn … ” figure.

Burn fat, speed up metabolism

11Author – book by Jillian Michaels

Of the beautiful 38-year-old female coach who once won the fight with her overweight and are successfully motivated women in weight loss and sports desire life style.

Gillian’s set of exercises – is a unique formula of “perfect figure in such a short time.” You will find in this guide are those exercises that speed up the metabolism and help burn the excess inches in the waist.

Effective program for beginners and “advanced”.

Fitness for women

Author – S. Rosenzweig

For a wide range of women’s issues – from the American physician.

The book highlights all aspects of conservation and health promotion: exercise, increase efficiency, rationalize diet, preparation of personal training plans, and more.

This basic “reference” is recommended for all who aspire to the ideal figure.

Oil Change in Willpower

Author – Jaroslav Breen

Simple, accessible book is a collection of articles on elemental and incremental weight loss.

Brin’s motto benefits – “No complex, overweight and discomfort!” Here you’ll find a clear line of action every day to burn fat quickly and permanently.

In a very peculiar (sometimes cynical, “uncut”) form the author makes recommendations, not only in the fight against hated excess weight, but also to change the world for better.Exercises

Better endurance and workouts for women

Author – edited by A. Campbell

Complete guide to the beautiful half of humanity – for experienced and novice athletes.

Here for you collected hundreds of useful tips, optimal training program to get the best instructors in the world, unique information on strength training anatomy.

And in addition – a meal plan, cardio, healthy food and snacks, forbidden foods and myths about food and so on. The book, which will help you to quickly achieve results!

Proof: carbon mask Pilaten

Hello everyone! Today a new section I bring to my book, ebook abdthe blog-channel Youtube.

Simply to try a new product for me at that time and give my first impressions, and if results show; as is the case; They spend a few days since I used it , to give a consolidated opinion. What do you think?

This mask became famous last year thanks to the multitude of bloggers and Youtubers who reported their use and purchase.
Missha group belongs to a Korean brand of cosmetics.
I do not know if the trademark sent them products or were “encouraged” somehow, but it was a boom, do you remember? Key Properties It promises a deep cleaning of the skin, removing impurities and black dots (comedones) of our most troubled areas. You can get it in various formats in a tube 60 go into individual envelopes 6 g. In my city, there is a person who distributes pilaten, so I decided to take four boosters to try it without buying the original size. Ah! It contains silicone, so it is so flexible and enters into the peel-off calls.


How to use: 
He has a very simple application, with both hands and with a brush (if you use a brush, immediately after being washed away , but the remains that remain will dry up and be very difficult) because it glides well on the face.
There you leave it on until you face notéis the strip and is very dry.
To find out , you can touch slightly in some areas and verify that fingers will not mancháis. At that point, you can remove it .
-Time Varies depending on the amount that you may have applied (the thicker the layer, will need more time).Ranging from 20-30 minutes.
-Recomiendo Apply once a week. The results:

I know it’s not nice to see this, but the area that could better capture was the nose, with all comedones. 100% effective

Where can I buy it?
There are many pages that market, Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, … Investigate a little because there are many different prices depending on offers at that time.

Final Note: 7
And I explain quickly why I give this note.
When did the “proof” live and recorded video, I was really impressed by the result I got.
All comedones (black dots) that extracts can see directly into the mask when you retire, so it is certain that helps clean impurities face. But I had a feeling I was going to dry out the skin … and it was. At times, I saw as I was peeling an area near my right eyebrow, and after a few days, this peeling was spreading nose, forehead and cheeks. Besides, I did not notice it when I put it the first time because he was preoccupied with cleanliness, it is that I pretty face flushed. I do not recommend if you’re going out soon. This should be by the force exerted upon removal. Other things  positive qu e has, as I said above, is that it has an easy application, but must be careful to be very liquid, its pleasant smell. So if you have oily skin, you can use it without fear because having no dehydration problems is not going to exfoliate your skin. If you have dry or extremely dry skin like me, I recommend that if you want to use to clean your skin you use it very occasionally or for a special event. And remember doing hours before, if you do not want to see his face red!

The Espresso Book Machine … not a coffee

It is a machine to make books one and at the time, which will produce a major change in the publishing activity.

“Printed books at the point of sale in minutes, to take them away immediately or be sent”

 The best espresso machines for under $200 was presented as the great attraction of the recent Salon du Livre Paris, installed so that the public can get familiar with it , in the stands two prestigious publishers, Presses Universitaires de France, and group La Martiniere (including among others Seuil, Métailié, L’Olivie).

These machines print and bind at the time almost any existing book in the world, are already operating in bookstores in London and New York, and more and morelibraries campus in US universities.

It is a still a bit larger than the old apparatus photocopiers, internet connected to a centralized storage and data search. A client requests a book, the machine locates prints on paper inside the cover and in another, binds, and ten minutes later by the outlet port expels the finished book. A book of good quality (I’ve seen) 220 pages, ittakes 7 minutes. “New York booksellers invite the customer to wait this time sipping coffee” reports Le Monde .

This system of printing a copy of any book that a client requests, called “Print on demand” (print on demand), was developed by the company Ricoh of Japan ten years ago, and has been progressing as decreased volume and the cost of the machine. For some years the Print on demand is an option offered by the online , to any order from a book that does not have in stock.

Publishers, agents and authors have recently signed thousands of authorizations and extensions of contracts to include print on demand, which like all new technological development did not exist until now in options transfer of copyright to the publisher. The bookstore and the author charge for each book values usual in the world of paper books.

How wonderful, no more tired books!

The first thing I thought before this technological breakthrough is that finally the historical catalog of a publisher is all available, that finally the “back list” full of an author (all his work published previously) may get, which since several years is increasingly difficult, in any country in the world. We can not ask libraries with all books, only in Castilian published over one hundred thousand new ones every year.

So grew the specialized bookstores, that work on a single subject can have a good assortment, and acquired value, with the advent of the Internet, libraries used books, as , of which I am a regular customer, a network computer of French origin, through which you can buy used existing in more than one thousand libraries around the world, to which the page abbooks redirects orders, which will be shipped and charged by each library, wherever you are books. With the virtual disappearance of the books that have more than a couple of years of publication of traditional bookstores, abbooks grew so much that Amazon and bought.

What we asked readers to traditional booksellers, was that the title that we had they succeeded quickly. Today it is a requirement that few can meet, and I fear that those who give this service are doing so at a loss.

The new machine has an Italian name not casually: Espresso Book Machine, in obvious allusion to quick coffee that you take in ten minutes Ten minutes! Me too reminds me of Nespresso , the machine with capsules in a few years completely changed the coffee business. Nestle, its owner, multiplied several times its market value, because it got coffee producers to charge much less, and consumers pay more.

Look at the picture of this library, which announced the service in a special marquee.It is a library with walls covered with books on the shelves. The first thing that occurred to me was to see: the dry cleaners stain removers ¿sell?


Service efficiency of the Espresso Book Machine is truly shocking, the book price does not vary and the quality is good. I have seen some and found them well printed, the cover exactly the same, and only note that a printed copy is especially because “the machine” still can not cover flap. Something that certainly resolved.

Looking over the picture, I thought what will make sense to continue to keep those books, they have to buy, pay and wait for someone from buying them ? Maybe when they go already selling not reset and gain space for coffee who expect printing their books. And if all goes well, the space now occupied by the bookshelves will allow, when removed, put a second and even a third machine. When it looks like any copy shop will it still be a bookstore? Why not, it may be as manuscripts , which years ago no longer exist but still call the same.

 I propose that technological gadgets, says the philosopher Roberto Casati in El Pais, are accompanied by a drug similar to where we explain the dangers we run to use prospect.

French publishers , according to Le Monde say it is the revenge of the paper book on the ebook , Americans talk about sustainable business , which allows not destroy the forests , all desires very politically correct, but they hide the truth . In France the e-book isbarely 3% of total book sales, similar to Spain and Germany. In the United States, where he arrived promptly at 25%, almost three years ago stalled. Now it seems tostart a new trend, because there are market studies are finding that the so – called “digital natives , ” young people who were born in front of the screen, are preferring to read books on paper .

The Casati philosopher mentions a study conducted in major US universities shows that more than 90% of students prefer to study with books on paper. The libraries campus , as they are called in the United States to those operating within a university, must have been the first to notice, and so are installing the Espresso Book Machine.

I never found the e-book was a danger to the paper book, but this machine, and its side effects , makes me doubt the future of the publishing industry.

Remove “the uncertainty of sale”

Behind the praise of the French, the training of many new managers in the world of publishing is perceived. The management up to a reinsurance company and investment, which owns the traditional Presses Universitaires de France , said the immediate printing on demand, economies of scale will disappear . And the general director of the publishing added with printing on demand a title is much more easily profitable because a book made equivalent to a book sold. Uncertainty about the sale disappears .

A few years ago I read a study that found that two – thirds of people entering a bookstore have decided what to buy . So they say that the book is a business supply, not demand: the books have to be there. Designers are desperate to make attractive covers, publishers do best cover texts, publishers printed and distributed several thousand copies of each title, especially for some of those undecided readers decide to buy it .

If the libraries are venues replace it by Espresso Book Machine how can we do so that the undecided readers to decide what to buy to read or give away? The big question is: is it possible to transform a business deal on one demand?

Bookshop El Ateneo, the largest in Buenos Aires

A new conception of the publishing industry

The work of the editor will remain, as always, quite similar: how to choose and ensure quality, unique way to build value in a publishing house . But it will be very different for the publishing company. It will be published but not published as yet.Only a few copies are printed for the author, I any more for critics who prefer to read on paper, and completely change the publishing business.

We must continue investing in issue: Vesting, translation, proofreading, design, but what today represents the largest cost of a publishing house, which is the industry (paper, printing and binding), storage, marketing and logistics distribution may be minimized or even disappear. A publisher would be reduced to the essential: a catalog of authors and works, and a good computer system. A large publisher will not use more than a dozen professionals. As experts say: a step closer to society without work And this possibility is an exercise worth thinking!

Technological progress is not something that can be stopped, nor can think if it’s good or bad, because it is an overwhelming reality that can not escape. I see it in my daily practice, lover and defender of bookstores as I am aware of their role and necessity, I can not help but buy a book from Amazon, because I can not find another way to get it.

Clean and preserve the books at home

If you have books at home and want to keep them in perfect condition (for you or for posterity), you need to follow these tips for cleaning and maintenance …

Now that e-books are imposed, paper books are about to become a precious treasure for collectors and lovers of the traditional. So should know how to “cherish” properly, proceeding to periodic cleaning and installing the best place for preservation.

The frequency of cleaning depends on many factors: an urban environment needs more cleaning than one in the field; the proximity to doors and windows will accumulate more dust, etc. Normally you ‘d clean up the books once or twice a year, dry and if possible between two people.

What books are cleaned …

In principle, it is inadvisable vacuuming , unless the dust is huge. In that case, the vacuum cleaner is put (HEPA) in its lowest power, and even can be located at the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner a small net to suckle not cover detached pieces, etc.

Nor they should use dusters, that all they do is change the powder room. The ideal is to use “tack” rags, which magnetically attract dust. Its great advantage is that do not damage the surface to dry always used.

To remove dust that is on the back of the book, you should use a soft brush current (can be worth one baby). If the cover is leather, you can be applied with a cotton cloth lint a minimum amount of Vaseline to moisturize the skin.Then he rubs continuously for the book to look like new. Glossy covers can be cleaned with glass cleaner or multipurpose product areas: only a minimal amount applied on a cloth.

The shelves can be cleaned with a cloth wet, always taking care to dry thoroughly before redeposit books.

The old moldy books you’ve rescued from improper storage, for example, a wet, cold and dark environment, may need extra treatment: bring them into a paper bag with some baking powder inside. The bag is closed and leave it for 10 days. If mold has been introduced in the pages, then sprinkle on the areas affected cornmeal and let stand 24 hours before removing.

There is also a putty dry cleaning dba Absorene, which perfectly removes dirt from the pages of books, like a draft: spots, the film that leaves smoke snuff … is purchased at craft stores, restoration and conservation products …

Tips to keep books

The ideal is to keep the books in a dry environment, with average temperature, neither too bright nor too dark ventilate frequently. Whenever you can choose, do it for bookcases with glass doors or the like.

And if you’re tired of them …

A good idea if you’ve spent the ebook and want to get rid of your old books, or just want to give them a new life in the hands of another reader, is affiliate programs vendors large book distributors on the internet visit website.

There you have a section to introduce the books you want to sell, and you manage yourself with your passwords.They just communicate you when the courier company will pick you up whenever you sign the order book by a buyer of used book. You set your own price, and they exchange a small fee (15%) and a small amount are fixed by management and sale (2 € approximately). Easy and comfortable!

Confucius and machine café

After long days without hanging a review, I bring Wednesday the review of a book, which has positively caught my attention. Thanks to the collaboration started already a couple of months with the editorial topics today, I have been enjoying this fable of Jose Hermida, who has made me have a fun time.


He is a writer and lecturer. It is the technical advisor to Entrepreneur magazine and teaches Interpersonal Communication Skills at the National Institute of Public Administration (INAP), as well as Cesma Business School. His lectures on topics of personal motivation and groups known for their rigorous nature and at the same time entertaining and lighthearted.
It has an extensive work in the areas of communication skills, social analysis and personal marketing. PERSONAL OPINION The book that I bring you today fits into self – help books of coffee machine rental for office Singapore. Yes, I know, most of you like myself escaped this kind of book, and we can not explain (at least) quite well why that flight. When I saw this book as a new editorial topics today caught my attention both the title and the cover, and how they very kindly offered to send it decided to give a chance to this kind of literature, and at least with this work not me I have been a disappointment. The story in this book is told as a fable, in which throughout the narrative itself we are showing different principles or fundamentals of Chinese philosophy.


Tells a story of a more or less normal subject, Ernesto, which is public relations serving an important public relations agency. Ernesto is a small, shy being that goes unnoticed there where it goes, except when he decides to say something because it highlights his stutter. However, one day he meets a Chinese teacher who will guide and get it exceeds itself. Clearly the story is the typical story of self – help book, but what I liked about this in question is the fun and dynamic tone of the narrative, that makes you want to know more of the story. The author ‘s style is fresh and lively, and I laughed a lot with the occurrences of the main character. Another aspect that I liked the novel is that it contains very interesting data, which add value to the story. An example of this type of data I will as transcribed below: ” It’s called Bernoulli effect and is allowing gulls, like the plane that have come to Valencia, fly: if they do not above the right speed, they enter loss and crash “ , and as this are many curious details throughout the work. With regard to the structure, say that is divided into 8 chapters and an epilogue. The chapters also be numbered have a small title that refers to each of the aspects that Ernesto will overcome, such as the first is called Fear. Not what you had said so far but I quite like the chapters of the books have a title, make me go into the story from the beginning and become expectations of it.


Finally, I must refer to an aspect that I did not like the book, it is that as you move through the story the author introduces a kind of pictures the teachings’re supposed to tease out what is counted in history (this is very typical in this type of books). Logically this aspect gives an air of self – help book that I do not like, and so I would eliminate leaving at the end if the author wants a compilation of lessons for anyone who wants to deepen them.However, this is a personal opinion and those seeking overcome through Chinese folosofía can they like these to share my cut me the story, and often put aside.In conclusion, an entertaining and above all funny story that brings you closer to the philosophy of the great Confucius, and you start more than a smile. Many kisses!!

“Yes English 1”, the book free to learn Basic English

Based on the subjects of English that have been publishing in this, your blog, I’ve had enough content to write what I call the first edition of the basic course in como aprender ingles online, named “Yes English 1” , this book I have made available for free on the Internet via this link .
Personally I said book represents the first step in the race for the expansion of online resources to learn English the “Yes English” series. Ahead are the medium, high and advanced levels , of which at the moment because I have enough ideas to launch the design of drafts.

From the first moment I set out to write a unique book for learning English language I knew I did not want to do something like the rest that are currently out there, what I mean? For those books that are provided in regular courses which are fully written in English. The idea I had in mind was to do something more explanatory, a book which people who have no notion in this language feel comfortable when reading the explanations of why certain rules of grammar or language is used. With this in mind I conceived a course in basic English that can be consulted for free on the Internet, and this course would have audiovisual resources that complement the experience in the study of this language.

Each lesson in this course is a link at the end of the item indicating a keyword to search the word online resources that are available. When using the QR code provided it is advisable to download a code reader such as NeoReader, Scan or ScanLife for iPhone.Android QR Droid have available and QR Reader. When using Nokia (Windows Phone) is a good choice Kaywa Reader.

This book has been written to way to help people with problems that normally have the time to understand the basics of English. By this I mean, for example, to give the reasons why this or that used grammatical rule. Therefore I consider it helpful that the course is aimed at people who may be starting in learning this language but will also be useful to those looking to review issues that once led but do not remember well, and can be taken as a complete manual query.


A priori it might seem that the diet of the writers should bring us not care. But itshould also be so with his love life, his hobbies in leisure time or your favorite movies. The truth is that when you want someone (and as not wanting who has made possible our favorite reads!) Also wants absolutely know everything about that one.

Also the food, of course, customs so we shared recipes Tolstoy , Hemingway orDickinson. And even more so when we are somewhat extravagant. We tend to believe that vegetarianism is a booming trend recently, but the fact is that there were always people who refused to eat meat and fish. And if today still face general distrust, what would not happen in the past.

We reviewed the diet of 5 great writers who were vegetarians ! Of course, you can try to emulate their diet to see if there lies part of his genius.

Franz Kafka

It was in 1911 when Franz Kafka decided to stop eating meat and fish. According toMax Brod that day went to the Berlin aquarium and fish told: “At last I can look at you in peace, because I will not eat it”. Some critics claim that empathy Kafka with other living beings was very large, and that would also explain that several of their stories are told from the point of view of an animal. Vegetarianism was accompanied by a great interest in natural medicine , and a rejection (sometimes) coffee and alcohol. Also it is following a fashion of the time to chew each piece of food 32 times, no more, no less.

Although before becoming a vegetarian and had problems with the flesh in his diary wrote: ” In addition, meat is so humiliating when it gets stuck in your teeth, am I right? It is so fibrous that only can be removed only with great difficulty and sometimes not at the same time or at all. ”

Louisa May Alcott

In the case of the writer of ‘Little Women’, we know it was vegetarian during his childhood, but we can not say that willingly. When he was 10, his father, a great defender of animal rights, created a utopian agrarian commune on a farm where a strict vegan regimen is followed, bathed in cold water only and not using artificial light at night. The experience lasted only seven months, but Amos Bronson Alcott vegan remained all his life, and his family, in deference to him, did the same regime.Louisa May Alcott no animal products would try to adulthood.

Lev Tolstoi

When Lev Tolstoy had his spiritual conversion, besides insisting mend his own shoes and plow their own fields, also stopped eating animals. His ascetic ideal was reflected in a simple diet of bread, cereals, fruits and vegetables.

It became, in fact, an active advocate of vegetarianism, considering that the lives of humans and animals were intimately linked. Thus, in an article entitled ‘The first step’ , Tolstoy wrote: “It is not the suffering or death of animals which is horrible, but man suppresses unnecessarily, its highest spiritual capacity – that of pity and feel alive- it for other beings and violating their own feeling, it becomes cruel. And how deeply seated in the human heart is the refusal to take other lives! But to say that God ordered the killing of animals, and especially the habit, people lose that natural feeling! “.

Lord Byron

Lord Byron was an intermittent vegetarian, motivated mainly by their compassion for animals, but also because he was convinced that it was better for your health.Not that especially take care, because even in maturity he boasted of his abstinence (no meat, no fish, no alcohol) the truth is that sometimes fed exclusively on biscuits and soft drinks.

In addition, his friend Percy Shelley, who like his wife Mary Shelley was a much more coherent vegetarian , criticize it by “binging of exotic meats” from time to time, but after these feasts used to purge and feeling very guilty.


For most of his life Voltaire was dining fleeing the excesses, but omnivore. It was not until the last years of life when he followed the vegetarian diet -of one known as Pitagoriana- by prescription. In any case, you have numerous texts that criticize animal abuse, and some even seem to reject food based on them: “Men fed through a massacre, and drinking strong drinks, have poisoned blood and this pushes them to the madness of a thousand different ways. ”

It is the only French of the time advocating vegetarianism. Michel de Montaigne also and above all, Jean Jacques Rousseau, have texts that can be interpreted as a stubborn defense of this diet, but did not follow him personally.

Other famous vegetarians writers were Bernard Shaw, Isaac Bashevis Singer or between Naipaul, Coetzee, Daniel’s 3 week diet review, Jonathan Safran Foer or contemporary (the latter even has a book on the subject: ‘ Eating Animals ‘).

Bureo looking for a magician and adds to the fitness culture

414 Bureo edition embarks on a long journey in search of a mysterious magician, but also decides to improve a little figure of his readers with a fitness Extra by Personal trainer DC.

You will see the magazine as every Thursday as if nothing had happened, but the fact is that for us became a difficult birth that after many hours of work, has finally given this new kid that everyone wants to see. Finally, we remove it and hope you enjoy it.Them up with “Music” which in October was mandatory to belong to the couple with 40 years of making embriaguemos we love, Victor Manuel and Ana Bethlehem. Also in this section, through an interview, Rocío Figueroa reveals to Fortuna, electronic merengue singer.In the world of cinema always hear people talking about the same people, however there are many new faces to the public, but old in the business of this industry on the rise, so Paola Paniagua shows us who we are Solly Duran, Valerie Hernandez and José Delio Ares.

Also in this section of “Cinema” she is here again and could not stop tell you about the third edition of Fine Arts Film Festival, where you will spend 11 days with an extensive menu of exclusive and independent films.

Have you heard that you tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are? Well this time in the section “Display” you say who you are, but depending on the social network you use.Photography lovers also have their space with accessories that Thiago da Cunia recommends.

A hit all his slippers, because “Art” Leandro Sanchez brings us everything about the musical “The Wizard of Oz” will be presented from 5 to 7 October at the National Theatre and 20 to 21 in the Grand Theatre Cibao. In addition it leads us to meet one of the most renowned curators of the country, Carlos Acero and understand why magnates offer the millions for a work of art.

Prepare yourselves, it is good to go looking for the most comfortable shoes they have, because from 12 to 14 October the Colonial City will have a party with the celebration of Santo Domingo Colonial Fest, find out what it is this year. Also returns, as every year, the Art Contest Eduardo León Jimenes, which this year celebrates its twenty-fourth installment.

We arrived to “Exit”, the section they like everyone, not say no, I have measured. In this installment is that you’ll like it because it comes long and exhausted, starting with a colonial rally which set us Patricia Minalla, when one night he took to comb the Colonial City, regarding the festival, and thus bring the bars more “in “of” the zone “.

You also speak of Taste Santo Domingo 2012, that from 18 to 20 October will fill Caribbean, Central American, South American and US salons Melia flavors. And for the full bonchero, here we offer details of the second edition of “The One Weekend”

But there’s more, I told you I was coming long and exhausted, if the balls invaded our office, to introduce an exclusive interview with Kevin “Special K” Daley, one of the athletes who are part of The Harlem Globetrotters or Harlem Globetrotters.

What we have for you to escape? Well, it starts the ball and it is no mystery the fiebruses we are, so we suggest you use baseball as an excuse to go on a trip and meet the cities where stadiums are located within the country.

We reached the end, but that does not lose energy, on the contrary, now is when the activity begins.Our “Extra” is totally dedicated to fitness culture, from articles to lhasa latest disciplines to be fit up to a calorie count of bonchero, interviews with personal trainers, gyms and options routines you can do at home.


To commemorate the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz (1939), the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) US will present a tribute to the film at the ceremony of the 2014 Oscar awards.

Childhood for many of us was marked by the adventures of Dorothy. Small, I accompanied her on the yellow brickroad, sang songs and was terrified by the images of the witch who kidnapped Toto. But the  Wizard of Oz is not just a film for children, over the years I learned new ways to see and understand. In honor of this classic Hollywood that never fail to impress, I have compiled the following fun facts about The Wizard of Oz :

There are multiple versions: The Wizard of Oz 1939 film directed by Norman Taurog, King Vidor, Victor Fleming, Mervyn LeRoy, George Cukor (yes, all) is just one of the many adaptations of a book of L. Frank Baum. Dorothy and her friends first appeared in the novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz , published in 1900. Shortly thereafter, in 1902, the story became a Broadway musical and even inspired three silent films. The original novel was so successful that Baum wrote thirteen books more located in the land of Oz. Since 1956, The Wizard of Oz is owned by the public domain, so a count of all its adaptations is almost impossible, but a version of history that has gained popularity in recent times is Wicked , the Broadway musical based on the Gregory Maguire novels, in turn based on the novel by Baum. What will the next reincarnation of Dorothy?

Victor Fleming directing the Munchkins and Judy Garland. Image of AMPAS.

Victor Fleming directing the Munchkins and Judy Garland. Image of AMPAS.

The shoes were not always ruby red . In the novel of Baum, magic slippers Dorothy were silver, but in the 1939 film the color was changed to scarlet to take advantage of the effects of Technicolor full The Wizard of Oz was one of the first films to use this technology and the production team made many efforts to show it off. The Technicolor not reproduce colors faithfully, so art designers had to use different pastel colors to simulate white on the screen;Dorothy dress, for example, was a blue boxes and roses. Furthermore, the Technicolor required more usual lighting and therefore the temperature reached the set so high that caused fainting.

Dorothy in the poppy field. Image of AMPAS.

Dorothy in the poppy field. Image of AMPAS.

Before dead simple: Many production anecdotes revolve around the paintings that were used on the set and costumes. The actor originally chosen as the Tin Man, Buddy Ebsen, was poisoned with aluminum powder used in makeup and had to leave the shoot. Ebsen was replaced by Jack Haley and makeup was replaced by a paste.Actress Margaret Hamilton was also exposed to toxic makeup as the green dye needed to impersonate the Wicked Witch of the West contained lead. Horses ran Emerald City luckiest, because they were painted with powder to make jellies, constantly licking himself.

Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the West. Image of Villains Wiki.

Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the West. Image of Villains Wiki.

Toto was a superstar: Terry, the dog who played Toto, enjoyed a prolific film career. His acting debut was in 1934 in the film Bright Eyes , directed by David Butler and starring Shirley Temple. The dog was in 16 films in total. After The Wizard of Oz even reunited with Margaret Hamilton in Twin Beds (1942) Tim Whelan. In The Wizard of O z Terry earned $ 125 a week, more than some actors playing the Munchkins. The production used a stuffed animal to avoid discomfort to the dog arduous tests of lighting, but could not prevent was injured when one of the guards of the evil witch stepped on by mistake.

Terry as Toto. Image of The Wonderful Wiki of Oz.

Terry as Toto. Image of The Wonderful Wiki of Oz.

The recognition takes time: The Wizard of Oz was an instant hit with audiences and critics (the newspaper The New York Times reported that the film was so great and happy that anyone with negative comments should be sent to bed without supper ), but failed to recover production costs at the box office. The MGM studio not grossed up tothe re-release of the film in 1949. The recognition of the AMPAS was not immediately as the Wizard of Oz was nominated for six Oscars in 1940 but lost the statuette for Best Picture against What the wind , Victor Fleming, George Cukor and Sam Wood … and that they had two directors in common.

Behind the scenes of {{The Wizard of Oz}}. Image of AMPAS.

Behind the scenes of The Wizard of Oz . Image of AMPAS.

The world of Oz is so extensive that there is a virtual encyclopedia devoted to the subject, so those who are still hungry for information recommend visiting The Wonderful Wiki of Oz . On March 2 , fans of the film will continue tofuel nostalgia in the ceremony of the Oscars, meanwhile we can enjoy it on project free tv.

FAMOUS Rodrigo Santoro breaks tooth embossing novel Globe and dentist is called with urgency


The Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro went back to work in Brazil with an astronomical salary that has caused envy to the highest echelon of the Globe. While recording a scene for the novel in question, which will be called ‘ old Chico ‘ and will appear in prime time, he ended up breaking a tooth.

The information comes from Fefito, columnist of the newspaper ‘ Now ‘.

The accident would have happened in a city in the interior of Bahia and because of the setback, a Dentist Melbourne had to be called in a hurry for the site, which is about 60 km from Salvador. A prosthesis would have been deployed to the actor.

“Imagine all day recording and now look where I went? In a dentist’s Chair, “said he in Snapchat.

For about 20 chapters, it is speculated that the actor will receive 300,000 R$.

Toto, the dog from “The Wizard of Oz”

Contrary to popular belief, the small black terrier named Toto in “The Wizard of Oz” , his real name was Terry and was a bitch. His coach was Carl Spitz . Spitz Terry began training in 1933, when she was barely a year old. Its owner had left Terry Spitz care for your workout, but never returned to pick it up. Terry appeared in 15 films. His first appearance was in “Ready For Love” in 1934. That same year, Terry appeared with Shirley Temple in “Bright Eyes” , playing the role of “Rags”. In 1938, Terry was the casting for the role of Dorothy Dog in the Wizard of Oz. Terry was hired immediately. He began to live for two weeks at the home of Judy Garland. Judy wanted to adopt to Terry after the filming of the movie, but Carl Spitz refused.

Terry received a salary of $ 125 a week, twice charged the Dwarves (Munchkins), that appeared in the film. But life in the movies is not always glamorous. He sprained foot after being accidentally stepped on by one of the guards of the evil witch. But Terry recovered and returned a few weeks later to finish his scenes. After his immortal role as Toto, Terry appeared in other films. In 1942, he was three years after “The Wizard of Oz” officially changed the name to Toto and he has signs of hip dysplasia in dogs. Terry died in 1945 at the age of 13 years. She was buried in the pet cemetery Carl Spitz residence. Oddly enough his character from The Wizard of Oz is in more scenes than Dorothy. Yes, even when Judy Garland sings out “Over the Rainbow”.

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