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10 Relevant Books About Fitness – Read And Do!

Fifteen or twenty years ago, I had enough “sweat” in order to get a valuable copy of the quality of the book on the “construction” of the body. But some rare options and everything you can find only in the libraries and reading under the Attentive look of their employees. Today, this type of literature can be seen at every step. However, the remains found in the book “the most” – is a real problem.

No need to search! Your attention – the best books on fitness for the right workout! Fitness and Strength Training

Anatomy for women

11Author – Marcos Vella

According to recent studies, the woman’s body requires special training programs, taking into account not only gender and age, but the specific characteristics of body and body as a whole.

This book is both a visual aid and the guide has everything you need to know about a woman while training your muscles and creating your program.

Individual training ama.Here you will find for yourself the special tests (to determine the level of preparation), the more detailed pictures of the exercises, as well as more than 90 exercises for all the muscles of the body.

Model easily and at home!

Anatomy exercises

11Author – Frederick Delave

This manual is a detailed guide with illustrations for any technical exercises – for both men and for the most fair sex, beginners and professionals.Bestseller of the French sports doctor, translated into 30 languages and is the most popular book in the world for the elaboration Of their training program.

Delave According to the book, a very serious athlete and weightlifting medalist, to become a true artist of her body, in the first place, should be more plunge into her anatomy.

Look in the book of the most effective methods to solve athletic problems careful analysis of each exercise caution, illustrations with explanations, anatomy and so on.

Delave help to avoid the most common mistakes and injuries as well as to increase the effectiveness of your workouts.

Fitness.Men’s and women’s look

11Authors: V. and I Turchinsky

One of the advantages of the book – its universality. The question of physical condition is seen here with both male and female sides.

In addition, the book – a manual for proper nutritional guidance of fitness in training and even recommendations for relaxation.

Essence of the book Рto understand and accept not only as a complex fitness fitshoppro review exercise for the muscles, but the culture of your life, including diet, exercise and recovery.

Tuning Athletic. A new look at the culture of physical perfection

11Author – name of Soslan Varziev

Of the author for a long time passed, “word of mouth” through “word of mouth.” Authorized experts in the personal training camp is not “light” in public, which did not prevent in contact with him for help In this type of famous personages like Rupert Everett and Yarmolnik Valley, and so on.

The book describes the unique technique Varzieva presents as a tour in the world of physical culture with lyrical digressions and a good sense of humor.

Fitness.Guide to life

Fitness. Author – Dennis Semenihin

Everything you wanted to know about fitness – in a book!

Your attention – a set of basic rules for building figure, exercise, nutrition, the right ideal motivation and, of course, change your habits.

This book is aimed at readers of all levels – a clear and distinct, with simple guidance, exercise equipment, photographs, power algorithm, and nothing else! Pour the author’s valuable experience, buy the right habits, motivate yourself and Others for a long and, most important, happy life.

Learn … Oops! Shape Beach in a two-three

Learn ... Oops! Author – main idea Elena Miro

Of the book – it’s time to deal with laziness.Therapy book useful to throw yourself by the ears of the couch and get the beauty of the body.

Orientation Written clear and simple terms (with a share of pathos and humor) without any restriction expressions.Here, there are useful recommendations, even for those who are quite far from fitness, but dreaming of elastic back “Learn … ” figure.

Burn fat, speed up metabolism

11Author – book by Jillian Michaels

Of the beautiful 38-year-old female coach who once won the fight with her overweight and are successfully motivated women in weight loss and sports desire life style.

Gillian’s set of exercises – is a unique formula of “perfect figure in such a short time.” You will find in this guide are those exercises that speed up the metabolism and help burn the excess inches in the waist.

Effective program for beginners and “advanced”.

Fitness for women

Author – S. Rosenzweig

For a wide range of women’s issues – from the American physician.

The book highlights all aspects of conservation and health promotion: exercise, increase efficiency, rationalize diet, preparation of personal training plans, and more.

This basic “reference” is recommended for all who aspire to the ideal figure.

Oil Change in Willpower

Author – Jaroslav Breen

Simple, accessible book is a collection of articles on elemental and incremental weight loss.

Brin’s motto benefits – “No complex, overweight and discomfort!” Here you’ll find a clear line of action every day to burn fat quickly and permanently.

In a very peculiar (sometimes cynical, “uncut”) form the author makes recommendations, not only in the fight against hated excess weight, but also to change the world for better.Exercises

Better endurance and workouts for women

Author – edited by A. Campbell

Complete guide to the beautiful half of humanity – for experienced and novice athletes.

Here for you collected hundreds of useful tips, optimal training program to get the best instructors in the world, unique information on strength training anatomy.

And in addition – a meal plan, cardio, healthy food and snacks, forbidden foods and myths about food and so on. The book, which will help you to quickly achieve results!

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