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A priori it might seem that the diet of the writers should bring us not care. But itshould also be so with his love life, his hobbies in leisure time or your favorite movies. The truth is that when you want someone (and as not wanting who has made possible our favorite reads!) Also wants absolutely know everything about that one.

Also the food, of course, customs so we shared recipes Tolstoy , Hemingway orDickinson. And even more so when we are somewhat extravagant. We tend to believe that vegetarianism is a booming trend recently, but the fact is that there were always people who refused to eat meat and fish. And if today still face general distrust, what would not happen in the past.

We reviewed the diet of 5 great writers who were vegetarians ! Of course, you can try to emulate their diet to see if there lies part of his genius.

Franz Kafka

It was in 1911 when Franz Kafka decided to stop eating meat and fish. According toMax Brod that day went to the Berlin aquarium and fish told: “At last I can look at you in peace, because I will not eat it”. Some critics claim that empathy Kafka with other living beings was very large, and that would also explain that several of their stories are told from the point of view of an animal. Vegetarianism was accompanied by a great interest in natural medicine , and a rejection (sometimes) coffee and alcohol. Also it is following a fashion of the time to chew each piece of food 32 times, no more, no less.

Although before becoming a vegetarian and had problems with the flesh in his diary wrote: ” In addition, meat is so humiliating when it gets stuck in your teeth, am I right? It is so fibrous that only can be removed only with great difficulty and sometimes not at the same time or at all. ”

Louisa May Alcott

In the case of the writer of ‘Little Women’, we know it was vegetarian during his childhood, but we can not say that willingly. When he was 10, his father, a great defender of animal rights, created a utopian agrarian commune on a farm where a strict vegan regimen is followed, bathed in cold water only and not using artificial light at night. The experience lasted only seven months, but Amos Bronson Alcott vegan remained all his life, and his family, in deference to him, did the same regime.Louisa May Alcott no animal products would try to adulthood.

Lev Tolstoi

When Lev Tolstoy had his spiritual conversion, besides insisting mend his own shoes and plow their own fields, also stopped eating animals. His ascetic ideal was reflected in a simple diet of bread, cereals, fruits and vegetables.

It became, in fact, an active advocate of vegetarianism, considering that the lives of humans and animals were intimately linked. Thus, in an article entitled ‘The first step’ , Tolstoy wrote: “It is not the suffering or death of animals which is horrible, but man suppresses unnecessarily, its highest spiritual capacity – that of pity and feel alive- it for other beings and violating their own feeling, it becomes cruel. And how deeply seated in the human heart is the refusal to take other lives! But to say that God ordered the killing of animals, and especially the habit, people lose that natural feeling! “.

Lord Byron

Lord Byron was an intermittent vegetarian, motivated mainly by their compassion for animals, but also because he was convinced that it was better for your health.Not that especially take care, because even in maturity he boasted of his abstinence (no meat, no fish, no alcohol) the truth is that sometimes fed exclusively on biscuits and soft drinks.

In addition, his friend Percy Shelley, who like his wife Mary Shelley was a much more coherent vegetarian , criticize it by “binging of exotic meats” from time to time, but after these feasts used to purge and feeling very guilty.


For most of his life Voltaire was dining fleeing the excesses, but omnivore. It was not until the last years of life when he followed the vegetarian diet -of one known as Pitagoriana- by prescription. In any case, you have numerous texts that criticize animal abuse, and some even seem to reject food based on them: “Men fed through a massacre, and drinking strong drinks, have poisoned blood and this pushes them to the madness of a thousand different ways. ”

It is the only French of the time advocating vegetarianism. Michel de Montaigne also and above all, Jean Jacques Rousseau, have texts that can be interpreted as a stubborn defense of this diet, but did not follow him personally.

Other famous vegetarians writers were Bernard Shaw, Isaac Bashevis Singer or between Naipaul, Coetzee, Daniel’s 3 week diet review, Jonathan Safran Foer or contemporary (the latter even has a book on the subject: ‘ Eating Animals ‘).

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