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The Famous Forty Canon


The Land of Oz

Bureo looking for a magician and adds to the fitness culture

414 Bureo edition embarks on a long journey in search of a mysterious magician, but also decides to improve a little figure of his readers with a fitness Extra by Personal trainer DC.

You will see the magazine as every Thursday as if nothing had happened, but the fact is that for us became a difficult birth that after many hours of work, has finally given this new kid that everyone wants to see. Finally, we remove it and hope you enjoy it.Them up with “Music” which in October was mandatory to belong to the couple with 40 years of making embriaguemos we love, Victor Manuel and Ana Bethlehem. Also in this section, through an interview, Rocío Figueroa reveals to Fortuna, electronic merengue singer.In the world of cinema always hear people talking about the same people, however there are many new faces to the public, but old in the business of this industry on the rise, so Paola Paniagua shows us who we are Solly Duran, Valerie Hernandez and José Delio Ares.

Also in this section of “Cinema” she is here again and could not stop tell you about the third edition of Fine Arts Film Festival, where you will spend 11 days with an extensive menu of exclusive and independent films.

Have you heard that you tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are? Well this time in the section “Display” you say who you are, but depending on the social network you use.Photography lovers also have their space with accessories that Thiago da Cunia recommends.

A hit all his slippers, because “Art” Leandro Sanchez brings us everything about the musical “The Wizard of Oz” will be presented from 5 to 7 October at the National Theatre and 20 to 21 in the Grand Theatre Cibao. In addition it leads us to meet one of the most renowned curators of the country, Carlos Acero and understand why magnates offer the millions for a work of art.

Prepare yourselves, it is good to go looking for the most comfortable shoes they have, because from 12 to 14 October the Colonial City will have a party with the celebration of Santo Domingo Colonial Fest, find out what it is this year. Also returns, as every year, the Art Contest Eduardo León Jimenes, which this year celebrates its twenty-fourth installment.

We arrived to “Exit”, the section they like everyone, not say no, I have measured. In this installment is that you’ll like it because it comes long and exhausted, starting with a colonial rally which set us Patricia Minalla, when one night he took to comb the Colonial City, regarding the festival, and thus bring the bars more “in “of” the zone “.

You also speak of Taste Santo Domingo 2012, that from 18 to 20 October will fill Caribbean, Central American, South American and US salons Melia flavors. And for the full bonchero, here we offer details of the second edition of “The One Weekend”

But there’s more, I told you I was coming long and exhausted, if the balls invaded our office, to introduce an exclusive interview with Kevin “Special K” Daley, one of the athletes who are part of The Harlem Globetrotters or Harlem Globetrotters.

What we have for you to escape? Well, it starts the ball and it is no mystery the fiebruses we are, so we suggest you use baseball as an excuse to go on a trip and meet the cities where stadiums are located within the country.

We reached the end, but that does not lose energy, on the contrary, now is when the activity begins.Our “Extra” is totally dedicated to fitness culture, from articles to lhasa latest disciplines to be fit up to a calorie count of bonchero, interviews with personal trainers, gyms and options routines you can do at home.

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