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Clean and preserve the books at home

If you have books at home and want to keep them in perfect condition (for you or for posterity), you need to follow these tips for cleaning and maintenance …

Now that e-books are imposed, paper books are about to become a precious treasure for collectors and lovers of the traditional. So should know how to “cherish” properly, proceeding to periodic cleaning and installing the best place for preservation.

The frequency of cleaning depends on many factors: an urban environment needs more cleaning than one in the field; the proximity to doors and windows will accumulate more dust, etc. Normally you ‘d clean up the books once or twice a year, dry and if possible between two people.

What books are cleaned …

In principle, it is inadvisable vacuuming , unless the dust is huge. In that case, the vacuum cleaner is put (HEPA) in its lowest power, and even can be located at the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner a small net to suckle not cover detached pieces, etc.

Nor they should use dusters, that all they do is change the powder room. The ideal is to use “tack” rags, which magnetically attract dust. Its great advantage is that do not damage the surface to dry always used.

To remove dust that is on the back of the book, you should use a soft brush current (can be worth one baby). If the cover is leather, you can be applied with a cotton cloth lint a minimum amount of Vaseline to moisturize the skin.Then he rubs continuously for the book to look like new. Glossy covers can be cleaned with glass cleaner or multipurpose product areas: only a minimal amount applied on a cloth.

The shelves can be cleaned with a cloth wet, always taking care to dry thoroughly before redeposit books.

The old moldy books you’ve rescued from improper storage, for example, a wet, cold and dark environment, may need extra treatment: bring them into a paper bag with some baking powder inside. The bag is closed and leave it for 10 days. If mold has been introduced in the pages, then sprinkle on the areas affected cornmeal and let stand 24 hours before removing.

There is also a putty dry cleaning dba Absorene, which perfectly removes dirt from the pages of books, like a draft: spots, the film that leaves smoke snuff … is purchased at craft stores, restoration and conservation products …

Tips to keep books

The ideal is to keep the books in a dry environment, with average temperature, neither too bright nor too dark ventilate frequently. Whenever you can choose, do it for bookcases with glass doors or the like.

And if you’re tired of them …

A good idea if you’ve spent the ebook and want to get rid of your old books, or just want to give them a new life in the hands of another reader, is affiliate programs vendors large book distributors on the internet visit website.

There you have a section to introduce the books you want to sell, and you manage yourself with your passwords.They just communicate you when the courier company will pick you up whenever you sign the order book by a buyer of used book. You set your own price, and they exchange a small fee (15%) and a small amount are fixed by management and sale (2 € approximately). Easy and comfortable!

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