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Modern book showers: The best and most beautiful for your bathroom

Choosing a shower is a task that should not be done lightly since once it is installed there is no turning back … unless you want to start again with masons, dust, noises and expenses. There are many options on the market that are the delight of those who love modern lines.

In this book of ideas we show you some alternatives and there are for all tastes, from the most sophisticated to the simplest, but not less functional and aesthetic. The important thing is to buy the best quality materials as you can, as this ensures a longer life and less headaches. The cheap is expensive , said the grandmothers, and when designing a bathroom is something that should be taken into account.

Three cubicles

This  bathroom was designed in compartments, where it was sectorized according to the function. In one was placed the stainless steel sink, in the adjoining the shower was located, and in the last the toilet and bidet. The area that interests in this occasion is the central, which has a wall covered in dark gray ceramic, aluminum floor, a screen frosted in two asymmetrical sheets and taps that includes a set of jets massagers.

The Power of Crystal

This modern shower comparison chart was structured with three sheets of glass and the fourth side was mounted directly on the brick wall. It has a large iron structure that gives it an interesting industrial and modern look at the same time. The floor was built with wooden planks, and has enough space to sit and enjoy the relaxing power of hot water sliding down the body.

Gray and wood

This simple and elegant shower box was designed with dark gray micro-structure on the walls, and a transparent screen to integrate a visually more ethereal element. The shower sink was also built of micro-cement, and a drop zone was added that counts with wooden planks that act as non-slip. At the same time they give an interesting chromatic play and of materials, where it emphasizes the warm softness of the wood and the visual hardness of the cement.

Venecita forever


This spacious and comfortable shower has a venecitas lining that adds its touch of color. The enclosure is made of glass with two corner doors, and the black micro-cement floor that stands out beautifully with the aquamarine and the blue of the walls and the silver frame that gives containment to the shower box.

Fast and functional

This is the ideal solution when there is space limit and little time, since the box can be gotten complete in the market. Just go and buy it and wait for it to be installed in a few hours of work. It has two side panels and a corner door structured with two curved leaves. This box has a white socket that integrates with the white porcelain tiles of the walls, and top with a stainless steel band that contributes its touch of vanguard.

Classic Elegance

This design bets on the sumptuousness of the porcelain tile of an elegant sand color. The shower corner was structured in a corner that takes three walls, and the fourth was closed with a large transparent glass partition with silver fittings. The dim light and the black granite countertop make the rest, forming an elegant and functional bathroom.

Glass bricks

The glass bricks came back to stay after being so fashionable in the 70’s. This fantastic shower was structured in U , and was fully assembled with transparent glass bricks on one side, but lightly frosted on the other side to ensure privacy. The faucet contrasts with its silver color against the glass. The resounding modernism is cut with the old brick bricks roof, taken with demolition wooden straps. The idea adds a great chromatic contrast and materials that make this shower a very interesting proposal.

Now that you have chosen how your shower could be, in this book of ideas we explain how to  keep it impeccable.

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