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Proof: carbon mask Pilaten

Hello everyone! Today a new section I bring to my book, ebook abdthe blog-channel Youtube.

Simply to try a new product for me at that time and give my first impressions, and if results show; as is the case; They spend a few days since I used it , to give a consolidated opinion. What do you think?

This mask became famous last year thanks to the multitude of bloggers and Youtubers who reported their use and purchase.
Missha group belongs to a Korean brand of cosmetics.
I do not know if the trademark sent them products or were “encouraged” somehow, but it was a boom, do you remember? Key Properties It promises a deep cleaning of the skin, removing impurities and black dots (comedones) of our most troubled areas. You can get it in various formats in a tube 60 go into individual envelopes 6 g. In my city, there is a person who distributes pilaten, so I decided to take four boosters to try it without buying the original size. Ah! It contains silicone, so it is so flexible and enters into the peel-off calls.


How to use: 
He has a very simple application, with both hands and with a brush (if you use a brush, immediately after being washed away , but the remains that remain will dry up and be very difficult) because it glides well on the face.
There you leave it on until you face notéis the strip and is very dry.
To find out , you can touch slightly in some areas and verify that fingers will not mancháis. At that point, you can remove it .
-Time Varies depending on the amount that you may have applied (the thicker the layer, will need more time).Ranging from 20-30 minutes.
-Recomiendo Apply once a week. The results:


I know it’s not nice to see this, but the area that could better capture was the nose, with all comedones. 100% effective

Where can I buy it?
There are many pages that market, Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, … Investigate a little because there are many different prices depending on offers at that time.

Final Note: 7
And I explain quickly why I give this note.
When did the “proof” live and recorded video, I was really impressed by the result I got.
All comedones (black dots) that extracts can see directly into the mask when you retire, so it is certain that helps clean impurities face. But I had a feeling I was going to dry out the skin … and it was. At times, I saw as I was peeling an area near my right eyebrow, and after a few days, this peeling was spreading nose, forehead and cheeks. Besides, I did not notice it when I put it the first time because he was preoccupied with cleanliness, it is that I pretty face flushed. I do not recommend if you’re going out soon. This should be by the force exerted upon removal. Other things  positive qu e has, as I said above, is that it has an easy application, but must be careful to be very liquid, its pleasant smell. So if you have oily skin, you can use it without fear because having no dehydration problems is not going to exfoliate your skin. If you have dry or extremely dry skin like me, I recommend that if you want to use to clean your skin you use it very occasionally or for a special event. And remember doing hours before, if you do not want to see his face red!

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