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"The Magical Mimics in Oz"

by Jack Snow
illustrations by Frank Kramer

Founded on and continuing the Famous Oz Stories

by L. Frank Baum

published July 8, 1946
Reilly & Lee, Chicago

Magical Mimics in Oz

Out of the depths of Mount Illuso, in the bleak land of the Phanfasms, across the Deadly Desert, wing the sinister and colorful Mimics.

Oz legend tells of a time long ago, when the Fairy Queen Lurline flew with her fairy band over the Land of Oz and found it a most beautiful land. So beautiful that she made it an enchanted land. With the old, childless King Pastoria [also known (briefly) as The Lost King of Oz (1925)], she left a tiny baby fairy with him to raise as his own. The baby was to be the enchanted land's ruler - that baby, of course, was Ozma [first introduced in The Marvelous Land of Oz (1904)].

Queen Lurline then flew over the Deadly Desert to Mount Illuso. Finding the evil Magical Mimics, she left her one of her fairy band, Princess Ozana, to guard against the Mimics, in cause they should ever try to escape to cause harm to Oz. Ruled by the bold and brutal King Umb and the clever and cunning Queen Ra, the horde of Mimics have been captive in Mount Illuso ever since. That is, until Queen Ra finished studying the ancient, black magic sorcery of the Erbs.

Our story actually begins while Ozma and Glinda are away at a fairy meeting with Queen Lurline in the Forest of Burzee [the same forest where the infant Santa Claus had been found and adopted by a Wood Nymph in L. Frank Baum's The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (1902)]. Dorothy is left to rule Oz. However, during Ozma's three day absence, the dread Mimics manage to escape Mount Illuso and use their wicked magic to take the form of others in the (yet another) attempt to invade and conquer Oz. The Mimics capture Dorothy and the Wizard and are believed to be unstoppable, but will Oz be conquered by them?

Even Toto helps save the day with his infallible ability to detect the 'real' Dorothy from the 'mimic' Dorothy!

[LDW NOTE: In 1947, the first new Oz book in four years had been published. This book was the first to be written by Jack Snow, following the 1943 death of lifelong Oz Illustrator John R. Neill and author of the last three Oz tales. Frank Kramer had the daunting task of taking pen to paper as the new illustrator of Oz, following John R. Neill's 32 gloriously illustrated titles – I personally think he did a wonderful job following in Neill's footsteps.]

Synopsis text © 2000-2001 by Lawrence D. Weisberg
with some adaptation from original text written by
Jack Snow in Who's Who in Oz © 1954.

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