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"Merry-Go-Round in Oz"

by Eloise Jarvis McGraw & Lauren McGraw Wagner
illustrations by Dick Martin

Founded on and continuing the Famous Oz Stories

by L. Frank Baum

published October 12, 1963
Reilly & Lee, Chicago

Merry-Go-Round in Oz

Young Robin Brown - an orphan living with a foster family in Cherryburg, Oregon, USA - takes an unforgettable ride on a scarlet horse on the local merry-go-round. With the help of some strange magic and a fervent wish, Robin grabs the brass ring. Doing so sends him and his wooden steed off into the sky for a flight to the southern red Quadling Country of Oz. It is the magic of the Land of Oz that makes his wooden steed alive and able to talk. Naming the steed Merry-Go-Round, Robin and his steed set off on an adventure.

At the same time, in eastern blue Munchkin Country of Oz, in the foothills of the Munchkin Mountains, in the Valley of Argent, the three magic rings of Halidom have disappeared! Thinking it is his duty to recover the rings, Prince Gules sets off on a quest to find them accompanied by his young squire Fess, his stuck-up horse Fred, a flittermouse, and a very elegant Unicorn.

And in still another part of Oz, Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion set off on a special mission for Princess Ozma - an adventure to get eggs for an Easter Egg hunt. How these three groups eventually join up and meet in Roundabout is very entertaining indeed.

[LDW NOTE: This was the 40th and final title in the official Reilly & Lee series. Coming 12 years after Rachel Cosgrove's fine The Hidden Valley of Oz (1951), Reilly & Lee's final attempt to revive the series failed, even though this wonderful tale returned to Ruth Plumly Thompson's style of a traditional European-flavored fairytale.

But... even though Reilly & Lee gave up on Oz after nearly a half century, the Royal Historians did not (nor did dozens of other writers). As a matter of fact, the Royal Historians – to date – have added six more Oz tales to the Famous Forty Canon.

A nearly completed fourth title from John R. Neill was found in the early 1990's and after being edited and illustrated by Eric Shanower, was published in 1995 as The Runaway in Oz. Ruth Plumly Thompson added Yankee in Oz (1972) and The Enchanted Island of Oz (1976) - both illustrated by Dick Martin; Eloise Jarvis McGraw & Lauren McGraw returned in 1980 with The Forbidden Fountain of Oz - again, illustrated by Dick Martin; Rachel Cosgrove Payes added The Wicked Witch of Oz (1993) with illustrations by Eric Shanower, this title being 42 years after The Hidden Valley of Oz; and finally, just this past year, prior to her death in 2000, Eloise Jarvis McGraw treated us to The Rundelstone of Oz (2001) with Eric Shanower's marvelous illustrations.]

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