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The Land of Oz

“Yes English 1”, the book free to learn Basic English

Based on the subjects of English that have been publishing in this, your blog, I’ve had enough content to write what I call the first edition of the basic course in como aprender ingles online, named “Yes English 1” , this book I have made available for free on the Internet via this link .
Personally I said book represents the first step in the race for the expansion of online resources to learn English the “Yes English” series. Ahead are the medium, high and advanced levels , of which at the moment because I have enough ideas to launch the design of drafts.

From the first moment I set out to write a unique book for learning English language I knew I did not want to do something like the rest that are currently out there, what I mean? For those books that are provided in regular courses which are fully written in English. The idea I had in mind was to do something more explanatory, a book which people who have no notion in this language feel comfortable when reading the explanations of why certain rules of grammar or language is used. With this in mind I conceived a course in basic English that can be consulted for free on the Internet, and this course would have audiovisual resources that complement the experience in the study of this language.

Each lesson in this course is a link at the end of the item indicating a keyword to search the word online resources that are available. When using the QR code provided it is advisable to download a code reader such as NeoReader, Scan or ScanLife for iPhone.Android QR Droid have available and QR Reader. When using Nokia (Windows Phone) is a good choice Kaywa Reader.

This book has been written to way to help people with problems that normally have the time to understand the basics of English. By this I mean, for example, to give the reasons why this or that used grammatical rule. Therefore I consider it helpful that the course is aimed at people who may be starting in learning this language but will also be useful to those looking to review issues that once led but do not remember well, and can be taken as a complete manual query.

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